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Dell DRAC – Reset

Posted on July 18th, 2011

The Dell DRAC remote management capability often breaks in my experience, and the following can be done to reset it.

  • SSH to the DRAC address using Putty (or a similar SSH app)
  • Login using DRAC credentials
  • Run the following command:
    • racadm racreset

The DRAC component will be reset and should remove any issues with it..

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Wyse Xenith Configuration file

Posted on September 16th, 2010

The Wyse Xenith thin client device can be automatically configured. A DHCP entry can be configured to point the device to a url where is picks up an .ini file with the options set.

Here is a sample xen.ini file:

;*                  Sample INI file (rename to xen.ini)                 *
;*      (Refer to Admin Guide for additional list of supported INIs)    *
;*                                                                      *

;; Wyse Xenith will only replace local engine if an upgrade is available


;; Specify a default domain to show at login page
;; (remove ‘;’ to enable)


;; Specify timezone on client (in case of timezone passthrough)

TimeZone=”Greenwich Mean Time” ManualOverride=yes daylight=yes Start=030507 End=100507 TimeZoneName=”GMT Standard Time” DayLightName=”GMT Daylight Time”
TimeServer=MyTimeServer1,MyTimeServer2 TimeFormat=”24-hour format” DateFormat=”dd/mm/yyyy”

;; You can choose to configure the location of XenDesktop server here
;; instead of using DHCP Option Tag #181
;; (remove ‘;’ to enable)


This is added in the following file structure


The following additional folders can also be added



IIS is configured as per the admin guideto add the MIME types for .ini and . files as text/plain.

More details can be found here: CTX125881 & Wyse #15508

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Upgrading a Netscaler 7000 device from v7.0 to v9.1 build 101.5

Posted on April 9th, 2010

I used this process to update a Netscaler 7000 device from v7.0 to v9.1 build 101.5

  • Download Firmware from
  • Download Firmware documentation from
  • Use WinSCP or similar to connect to the Netscaler and create the following folders:
    • /var/nsinstall/nsinstall91/build1015/
  • Copy the two downloaded updates into this folder
  • Using puTTy or similar, connect to the Netscaler
  • Uncompress the updates
    • shell
    • cd ..
    • cd var
    • cd nsinstall
    • cd nsinstall91
    • cd build1015
    • tar –zxvf build_9.1-101.5_cl.tgz
    • tar -zxvf ns-9.1-101.5-doc.tgz
  • Run the update
    • ./installns
    • Reboot: Y

I updated a High Availability pair and did the secondary device first. Once the reboot was finished, I forced a failover to test the update and then repeated the same process on the other device.

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