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Types of memory usage

Posted on April 3rd, 2009

When running edgesight reports or looking into server memory usage, the following types of memory are listed:

  • Virtual
  • Private
  • Working set

In looking into a particular issue, I wanted to determine exactly what these different types are and this is what I found.


Virtual Bytes is the total size of the non-free pages in a process’ virtual address space. This includes private, image and mapped pages (reserverd and committed pages).


Private Bytes is the total size of the private pages that are not shared.

Working set

The working set of a program is a collection of those pages in its virtual address space that have been recently referenced. It includes both shared and private data. The shared data includes pages that contain all instructions your application executes, including those in your DLLs and the system DLLs. As the working set size increases, memory demand increases.

This is the overall ‘memory usage‘ figure.

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One Response to “Types of memory usage”

  1. Omnya Says:
    August 18th, 2015 at 2:59 am

    From my point of view this is ideal as a replacement for the rrgsouecemanaser ppl know from former xenapp products. It is of course no replacement for Edgesight, but the live view of the servers (dashboard picture 2 above) can give u a good overview of our servers. Do not underestimate Controlup, there is so much more (registrycompare, multimessages with yes/no decisions to click, shadowing, gporefresh, ) you should try.

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