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Using Settings.sol to set Adobe Flash Settings

Posted on March 21st, 2010

When using Adobe Flash to access old content that was coded on previous versions, a message can appear stating that Flash has stopped a potentially unsafe operation. This message could also appear for content running from network shares. The message will be similar to:

If you select the ‘settings’ options the web based Adobe Global Setting panel appears. This actually connects via the internet to a site.

It seems strange that you must connect to an external web site to change settings for a locally installed version of flash – hopefully Adobe will remove this nonsense in the future and release an adm template or something instead. Anyway, each client can set options within this Global Security Settings screen. In this can either the “always allow” option can be selected or a location can be added to the trust list.

Select to Edit Locations | Add location and paste in the value prompted by the gui as this is what was just denied. Or add any other location you want to trust:

Close this web site, relaunch the content and it should now work as expected and display the content without the pop-up warning message.

However, in a situation where multiple clients need to run this content it is inconvenient to ask the users to set this themselves or manually set it on thousands of desktops.

Instead the settings.sol file can be used.

Any of the settings chosen from the web page GUI will be set in the following file (for a WinXP profile)

%userprofile%\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\\support\flashplayer\sys\settings.sol

So to resolve for everyone do the following:

  • Logon as one user
  • Set the relevant options in the web based GUI
  • Copy the settings.sol file to a central location
  • Set a logon scripts to copy this file into each users profile at logon

job done.

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